Meet Bryn Howard, a California native with a remarkable journey in the world of dance. As a former professional ballet dancer, Bryn graced the stages of both San Francisco Ballet and Ballet Memphis, leaving a lasting impact in the dance community. For over a decade, she has been inspiring the next generation as a dance teacher and choreographer, sharing her passion for beauty, creativity, and excellence.
The inception of her business was inspired by her experience crafting costumes for her own students years ago, an endeavor that left her utterly captivated by the art of design. Since 2017, Bryn has been channeling her boundless creativity and dedication into producing stunning dance costumes that elevate performances to new heights.
Beyond her love for dance and costume design, Bryn simply can't live without her Starbucks fix, and to add a touch of cuteness, she's a proud owner of an adorable Frenchie companion!